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Dinner Time

June 30, 2009

As the twins are nearing their first birthday, they’ve become less interested in drinking their bottles and much more interested in eating meals. Here are a couple shots of them having tofu, brocolli, and apple slices for dinner.  Dominik’s eye looks strange because he rubbed yogurt in it during breakfast.



Best Park Ever

June 28, 2009

A good friend recently told us about an amazing park near our house. Although the park doesn’t have bucket swings, the grass goes on forever, there are water toys, and we were the only people there at 10 a.m.! Dom and Scarlett will be taking a trip to the beach soon, so we thought we’d give them the opportunity to practice wearing their swim suits.





Note: We tried those pull up swim diapers, but I think they have to be changed as soon as swimming is over.  I didn’t know this, so when Dominik peed, the diaper didn’t absorb anything.  This makes me wonder, what makes swim diapers different than regular ones?

Oh No We Didn’t…

June 27, 2009

Okay, so the original idea was to get one of those funny mall photo sessions for Mother’s/Father’s day pics for the Grandparents. We entered the studio with the firm agreement that we would only get the picture of Dominik and Scarlett with a traditional background and that was it.


But the folks at the studio really have their shtick down and said, “Of course you can just get the traditional set up but we can photograph up to 5 set ups for you in the session you booked. And you only buy the photographs you like…” Then out come of the costumes with quick velcro tabs and wacky backdrops and next thing you know you’re wading through enough cute photos that if Cute Overload were about babies they would have weeks of posts.


We left the studio with definite sticker shock but once we picked up our prints we knew it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.


I mean, how freakin’ adorable are these little butts?


And these kids were born in L.A. how could we not get this one? Right?

Happy Father’s Day!

June 21, 2009


Scarlett’s Teeth

June 17, 2009

She has two of ’em!  The first broke through on Wednesday, June 10, and the second came in this past Monday, June 15.


Eleven Months

June 10, 2009

About once every eight or nine weeks I pick up my copy of What To Expect The First Year and although it is slightly informative, it always FREAKS ME OUT. For example, I had no idea that 11 months is a good time to start weaning the twins from their bottles. Considering they eat solids three times a day AND 38 ounces of milk/formula (each) broken up between six bottles, weaning seems like an impossibility. We’ve been using sippy cups since they were about five or six months old and, while they can down eight ounces of formula from the bottle in about 10 minutes, it takes them several minutes to drink 1/2 an ounce of juice or water from a sippy cup.

Oh, and What to Expect the First Year also recommends transitioning straight from the bottle to a regular cup.  I figured I’d throw caution to the wind, surround us all in towels, and give it a try.  The twins loved it and only dumped their full cups on the floor twice.

After the big weaning experiment, I decided to let the twins do whatever they wanted for their 11 month birthday. This meant that Dominik got to pull all the books off the bookshelves and Scarlett got to play with my keys, the remote, the digital camera, and my cell phone.






Two To Toddle

June 9, 2009

I finally got a picture of Scarlett walking. Unfortunately, it was during a time when she refused to wear pants. Dominik hasn’t taken any steps yet on his own, but he is a master at pulling himself up.







More Teeth, More Steps

June 8, 2009

On Sunday Dominik’s 4th tooth broke through and Scarlett took 13 consecutive steps. Because the new teeth are so small and the walking happens randomly we don’t have photographs or video of either, yet. So…here are some pics from a recent trip to the park.






Another Milestone

June 4, 2009

Dominik got his third tooth today.  I told him as soon as he has 4, we’re ordering pizza (because as you can see from the picture, he’s clearly not eating enough).


Bath Time

June 2, 2009

Having twins is labor intensive. In an effort to make bed and bath time a one woman (or man) show, I’ve started changing up our nightly routine. Instead of waiting until dad gets home to give the twins a bath, I’ve built up enough courage to do it all on my own. At first, I was terrified one kid was going to drown while I was drying the other one off, or one would slip and poke out an eye on a bath toy while I was washing the other’s hair, but what I’ve found is that babies are resilient far beyond what I imagined. Dominik (aka Michael Phelps) loves to get on his stomach and “swim” in the tub and often gulps water and gets soap in his eye. None of this seems to bother him. Also, after months of doing my best to slowly pour water over their heads with a special cup from One Step Ahead that is supposed to keep all the water and shampoo off their faces, I realized they like it when I pour the entire cup of water directly on top of their head so that the water goes all over their face and the (tear free) soap gets in their eyes. It cracks ’em up.

The best part of our new bath routine is after the bath. It took me almost 11 months of parenthood to learn that babies love to be naked. Who knew?  I found out accidentally. In order to prevent one baby from cracking the noggin’ on the porcelain while I got the other baby out of the tub, I spread out all the towels on the floor, got them out of the tub one at a time and they immediately began giggling, kissing each other, and putting fingers in each other’s mouth. (And luckily, neither of them has contracted E. Coli from crawling naked on the bathroom floor.)

Post-bath naked play time is now a 20 – 30 minute activity which mostly consists of crawling around the perimeter of the room at high speeds,  standing, jumping, clapping, kissing, doing the “noodle” (this is when Scarlett head-butts me or MJ or Dom, then throws herself on one of us (similar to a pro-wrestler) and drapes herself over who/whatever she has landed on), smiling, laughing, and playing peek-a-boo.