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The Twins’ first encounter with a toothbrush.

October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Time Is Coming

October 18, 2009

This will be Dominik and Scarlett’s second Halloween and they’re already very excited. This year was their first trip to the pumpkin patch so we can show them how to make jack o’ lanterns.


Scarlett picked out her pumpkin right away.

Pumpkin Climbers

Then after some very thorough inspection Dominik made his selection too.

Oingo Boingo

15 Months

October 10, 2009

We apologize that it’s been so long since we posted. Life’s been super crazy for the twins and for us. ¬†But we couldn’t let the day pass without acknowledging that Dominik and Scarlett turned 15 months old this Saturday.

Dominik has successfully taken 16 steps and looks like he’ll be walking full time somewhere in the near future. ¬†Scarlett now knows where her ears, belly button, and toes are and will be happy to point them out if you ask nicely. Although, sometimes she’ll point at my nose when I ask her where her nose is.

Scarlett at 15 Months