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Action Adventure

November 9, 2009

Wonder Twins Powers Activate!


One of our favorite activities on the weekend is going to LACMA to make art with the twins.  They’ve got activities for all ages, we can visit every Sunday for 3 hours for free, and our highly mobile (and fast) toddlers love it.

Maryland Visit Pt.2: Valley Lee

August 13, 2009

Of course, the primary reason for our jaunt back east was so that Dominik and Scarlett could meet their great grandfather Richard W. Loheed Sr. So after our visit in Baltimore we drove down the coast to Valley Lee, Md.

Scarlett & Great Grandpa

Introductions were made…

First Meeting

and needless to say everyone was very excited to finally meet.

Great Grandpa & Dominik 2

Dom and Scarlett also got to meet Uncle Rick and his wife Wanda.

On The Porch In Maryland

After a long day of car travel and family meetings we checked into our inn and the kids unwound by doing what we’ve come to call “noodling,” Which is basically making their bodies slack like a noodle and rolling around on anything soft (or on us).

Happy NoodleAl Dente NoodleRelaxed Noodle2nd Helping NoodleTossed Noodles

First Boat Ride

July 24, 2009

Grandpas, prepare to be jealous:


dom at the tiller

Dominik and Scarlett took their first boat ride with Uncle Dwayne and they had the best time ever.


Lulu and Scarlett

mom, dom and kap

Dom did get a little grumpy because of some teething, but the minute he made it into Sue’s arms, everything became right in his world.

dom and sue

After the boat we had naps and snacks and play time.

scarlett and kap



Out to Lunch

July 21, 2009

One of the best parts of being a temporary stay at home mom is planning new activities for the toddlers.  Since M.J. works so close to home, we’ve been able to meet up with him for lunch a couple times.  Here are some photos from a recent picnic.

Dom eats lunch




run it!

messy face


Radio Flyer

July 19, 2009

Thank the Universe for family.  Seriously.  M.J. and I haven’t had a hot meal in about six months (except for when we order take out, which is way too often considering the economy).  Lulu and Grand Ant Kap came to the rescue with homemade vegetarian chili and polenta as well as cupcakes for the twins’ birthday month delivered to our front door all the way from Santa Barbara. And they brought gifts!  This Radio Flyer has become one of the most popular toys in the house.



Dom and Lulu

The polenta was also a big hit with the kids.  In fact, they ate most of it.


Another Fun Weekend

July 6, 2009

We mostly had to lay low this weekend because of Dom’s pink eye, but we did manage to take a quick trip to lunch.  Before we had kids we were never fans of chain restaurants, but we are currently in love with Cheesecake Factory.  Not only do they bring appetizer plates for kids (sliced bread and bananas), the staff there know not to set hot plates, sharp utensils, or full glasses in front of the kids.  Plus, they do all the cleaning up!





Happy Father’s Day!

June 21, 2009


Major Milestones

May 30, 2009

The past two weeks have been incredible in terms of firsts.  Our babies suddenly became toddlers and, although we’re documenting as much as  working parents can, we’re not sure when or how it happened.  Here are some important dates for 2009:

May 15:  Scarlett waved and said, “bye-bye” when I left for work in the morning.

May 15:  Dominik’s first clap.

May 17:  Scarlett’s first clap.

May 20:  Dominik pulled himself up to his knees.

May 22:  Dominik pulled himself up to standing.

May 24:  Dominik began crawling!

May 29, 6:41 p.m.: Scarlett took her first step! (M.J. and I both got to see it.)

Also, after almost 11 months of having to rock the twins to sleep (for 20 + minutes for each of their naps (which only lasted 20 minutes)) we decided to do some sleep training using Sleepy Planet techniques.  Now they take simultaneous naps twice a day for at least an hour each.  Yay us!

Oh, and Scarlett still has no teeth!








Happy Birthday, M.J.!

May 27, 2009




Cousin Erika

May 2, 2009

On Saturday we got a visit from my cousin Erika who was in town from Las Vegas.  We were able to grab some breakfast before we headed to music class.



During class, Scarlett kissed her friend Emmy,


got some one on one with the instructor, Addy,


and practiced her break dancing moves.


Dominik chilled in the drum circle.