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Actually It Was A Parody…

May 19, 2009

Dominik was making fun of A-Rod’s spread in Details Magazine. Can you see the similarity?


Yet another great example of a sports figure setting a bad example for today’s youth.

Go Scarlett Sox!

May 14, 2009

Dominik got to go to his first baseball game when the Red Sox were in town last month so this month it was Scarlett’s turn. She was appropriately attired in cap, Red Sox onesie, and Red Sox socks for her first game.


It was a very long, hard fought game.  It went 12 innings and lasted just over four hours but Scarlett’s enthusiasm never flagged.

Go Scarlett!

The game was tied up for a long time. The Red Sox had many, many opportunities to score and win but couldn’t really seem to seal the deal. They left 17 men on base and lost when Manny Delcarmen gave up a walk-off double in the bottom of the twelfth inning. At least Scarlett had a very authentic introduction to what it’s like to be a Red Sox fan. Thanks to Dan, Kris and Emma who suffered through the traffic with us to endure the marathon of baseball only to watch our beloved Sox lose.
Go Sawx!

After the game, as the Angels’ fans were gloating Scarlett raised her finger as if to say, “We’re still #1 chumps! I have two words for you Angels fans: Post Season.”


I’m pretty sure if it hadn’t been nap time I might have had to stop her from starting a fight.

12th Inning Nap

Red Sox Babies

April 12, 2009

Sunday April 12th was a big day for  Dominik as we headed out to catch Dominik’s first Red Sox game. West Coast transplants like us have limited opportunities to see the Sox live so even though it’s not Fenway I decided it would be okay if Dom’s first Sox game was at  Angel Stadium. Scarlett had plans with Mom so she’s hoping to catch her first game in May when the Sox come back through town but she still threw on her Red Sox onsie to show her support.


We got there in time for batting practice and Dominik was hoping to make a barehanded catch for a foul ball and get an autograph but the Sox were all business this game and no stray balls landed near us.


Fellow Sox fan Emma jumped at the chance to catch the game with us and help out with Dominik.


I have to admit I was a little worried about how Dom would do at the park but he had a really good time. 


Also, I have to say Angel Stadium has very usable changing tables in the Men’s room so changing diapers wasn’t hard at all. Dom even tried quite a few bites of fresh pretzel (no salt), and was even able to take a few naps despite the boisterous Angels fans yelling, “GO HOME RED SOX!” (I guess they’re still miffed about getting knocked out of the playoffs two years in a row).


Dominik hasn’t quite got the whole sports rivalry thing down yet as he used his bedroom eyes to flirt with an Angels fan in front of us. 


I guess I should be glad she’s not a Yankees fan… 🙂


July 19, 2008


Niko and Scarlett watched their first Red Sox game today. Too bad the Sox lost… But These Socks Rock!

East Coast Onesies.

July 7, 2008

Today my sister-in-law, Kristin, was passing through on her way back from Lake Arrowhead.  She brought us these cute onesies from her recent visit to New York:

My friend Sara just returned from the East Coast and brought us these:

Go Sox!