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Major Milestones

May 30, 2009

The past two weeks have been incredible in terms of firsts.  Our babies suddenly became toddlers and, although we’re documenting as much as  working parents can, we’re not sure when or how it happened.  Here are some important dates for 2009:

May 15:  Scarlett waved and said, “bye-bye” when I left for work in the morning.

May 15:  Dominik’s first clap.

May 17:  Scarlett’s first clap.

May 20:  Dominik pulled himself up to his knees.

May 22:  Dominik pulled himself up to standing.

May 24:  Dominik began crawling!

May 29, 6:41 p.m.: Scarlett took her first step! (M.J. and I both got to see it.)

Also, after almost 11 months of having to rock the twins to sleep (for 20 + minutes for each of their naps (which only lasted 20 minutes)) we decided to do some sleep training using Sleepy Planet techniques.  Now they take simultaneous naps twice a day for at least an hour each.  Yay us!

Oh, and Scarlett still has no teeth!








‘Tis the Season

December 22, 2008

So far, we’ve taken the twins to three holiday parties. Unfortunately, by the time we’ve gotten them ready to go and packed up all of their gear within the magical “between feeding” time, we’ve inevitably forgotten to bring the camera. The following photos were taken with iPhones or a Blackberry.



This party was the latest the twins have ever stayed out. They have a strict 8 P.M. bedtime, but we decided to let them have a little fun and we didn’t get home until 11!  We thought we’d be in for it the next day since they both rise by 6:30, but Scarlett SLEPT UNTIL NOON, napped all the following day, and then slept through the night (8 PM – 7 AM!) the following night. Could late night partying the answer to babies’ sleep problems?


He Did It

November 17, 2008

Dominik rolled onto his stomach all by himself. 


Unfortunately for Scarlett, he likes to practice his new skill (which requires intensive leg pounding and flailing) at about 4:45 every morning.


Milk Drunk

October 16, 2008

Dominik took another day nap in his crib today, but it was too dark in the room to get a photo.  Here’s one of Ms. Scarlett sleeping on me.

Synchronized Sleeping.

July 28, 2008

Is synchronized sleeping an Olympic event?  If so, these two would win the gold medal.  It’s freaky how their sleep positions and patterns, squirming, and rooting all synch up.  Anyone else have this experience with their twins?