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Maryland Visit Pt.2: Valley Lee

August 13, 2009

Of course, the primary reason for our jaunt back east was so that Dominik and Scarlett could meet their great grandfather Richard W. Loheed Sr. So after our visit in Baltimore we drove down the coast to Valley Lee, Md.

Scarlett & Great Grandpa

Introductions were made…

First Meeting

and needless to say everyone was very excited to finally meet.

Great Grandpa & Dominik 2

Dom and Scarlett also got to meet Uncle Rick and his wife Wanda.

On The Porch In Maryland

After a long day of car travel and family meetings we checked into our inn and the kids unwound by doing what we’ve come to call “noodling,” Which is basically making their bodies slack like a noodle and rolling around on anything soft (or on us).

Happy NoodleAl Dente NoodleRelaxed Noodle2nd Helping NoodleTossed Noodles